PD4-E CANopen Online Manual

6073h Max Current


Contains the maximum current in tenths of a percent of the set rated current. Is limited by the maximum motor current (2031h). See also I2t Motor overload protection.

Note: For stepper motors, only the rated current is specified, not a maximum current. Therefore, the value of 6073h should generally not exceed the value 1000 (100%).

Object description

Index 6073h
Object name Max Current
Object Code VARIABLE
Data type UNSIGNED16
Savable yes, category: drive
Access read / write
PDO mapping RX-PDO
Allowed values
Preset value
  • PD4-E591L42-E-65-2: 03E8h
  • PD4-E601L42-E-65-2: 03E8h
  • PD4-EB59CD-E-65-2: 07D0h
  • PD4-EB60SD-E-65-2: 07D0h
  • PD4-EB59CD-EB-65-2: 07D0h
  • PD4-E591L42-EB-65-2: 03E8h
  • PD4-EB59MB-E-65-2: 07D0h
  • PxA56S-E-2-xxBN-xxx: 03E8h
  • PxA56S-E-2-xxCA-xxx: 03E8h
  • PxA56S-E-2-xxGA-xxx: 03E8h
  • PxA56S-E-2-xxKE-xxx: 03E8h
Firmware version FIR-v1825-B577172
Change history


The maximum current is calculated in tenths of a percent of the rated current as follows:


The maximum current determines:

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