PD4-E CANopen Online Manual

Auto setup

To determine a number of parameters related to the motor and the connected sensors (encoders/Hall sensors), you must perform an auto setup.


As long as the motor connected to the controller or the sensors for feedback (encoders/Hall sensors) are not changed, auto setup is only to be performed once during initial commissioning.

  • Note the following prerequisites for performing the auto setup:
  • ► The motor must be load-free.
  • ► The motor must not be touched.
  • ► The motor must be able to turn freely in any direction.
  • ► No NanoJ programs may be running (object 2300h:00h bit 0 = "0", see 2300h NanoJ Control).
Tip: Execution of the auto setup requires a relatively large amount of processor computing power. During the auto setup, this may result in fieldbuses not being operated in a timely manner.

Parameter determination

Auto setup determines various parameters of the connected motor and of the present sensors by means of multiple test runs and measurement runs. To a certain extent, the type and number of parameters are dependent on the respective motor configuration.

Parameter All motors independent of the configuration
Motor type (stepper motor or BLDC motor)
Winding resistance
Winding inductance
Interlinking flux
Note: It is not possible to determine the interlinking flux on motors whose windings have widely differing inductances. These motors are, therefore, not suitable for sensorless closed-loop operation.
Parameter Motor without encoder Motor with encoder and index Motor with encoder without index
Encoder resolution - ---
Alignment (shifting of the electrical zero to the index) - ---
Parameter Motor without Hall sensor Motor with Hall sensor
Hall transitions -


  1. To preselect the auto setup operating mode, enter the value "-2" (="FEh") in object 6060h:00h.
    The power state machine must now switch to the Operation enabled state, see CiA 402 Power State Machine.
  2. Start auto setup by setting bit 4 OMS in object 6040h:00h (controlword).

    While the auto setup is running, the following tests and measurements are performed in succession:

    1) To determine the values, the direction of the measurement method is reversed and edge detection re-evaluated.

    Value 1 in bit 12 OMS in object 6041h:00h (statusword) indicates that the auto setup was completely executed and ended. In addition, bit 10 TARG in object 6041h:00h can be used to query whether (= "1") or not (= "0") an encoder index was found.

Parameter memory

After a successful auto setup, the determined parameter values are automatically taken over into the corresponding objects and stored with the storage mechanism, see Saving objects and 1010h Store Parameters. Categories Drive 1010h:05h and Tuning 1010h:06h are used.
  • Uncontrolled motor movements!
  • After the auto setup, the internal coordinate system is no longer valid. Unforeseen reactions can result.
  • ► Restart the device after an auto setup. Homing alone does not suffice.
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