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L20-A - Linear Actuator with Lead Screw and Linear Slide


The L20 linear actuator with linear slide is a cost-effective system that unifies a long service life, small size, short positioning times and high forces.

We have an almost unique selling point on the market in the form of our L20 models in 20mm and Nema8 sizes. Based on a stepper motor, the linear actuator is ideal for the implementation of compact linear slides and precision linear axes.

Potential application areas are in medical engineering and in any area that requires small linear drives for format adjustment, for example in optical applications such as microscopy tables.

Please note: The force and power ratings specified in the data sheets are based on a duty cycle of approx. 10% to 20% and must be reduced accordingly for higher values. More information can be found in the .Moving against fixed end stops should be avoided.


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Further Product Information
Type Peak Force Feed Stroke "A" Length "A" Options Price Basket Configuration
N mm/s
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40 40 25 33 € 177,90

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Data Sheets/3D Data L2018S0604-T3,5x1-25

Technical Data
Resistance per Winding
6.5 Ohm
0.09 kg
Pitch of screw
1 mm
5 µm/step
Housing Length "B"
41 mm
Current per Winding
0.6 A
Max. Axial Play
±0.06 mm
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