Standard Machining

Nanotec offers cable and connector assemblies starting at order quantities of 1 pc. Please use the form to select the desired modification.

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All other machining is possible only upon consultation with our sales department. Please direct your query together with a detailed drawing to  [email protected].


Shorter Leads

Leads can be shortened on cables both with and without connector.

Shorter leads€ 17.70€ 12.39€ 10.62€ 8.85€ 7.08€ 6.73
Shorter leads + connector€ 19.90€ 13.93€ 11.94€ 9.95€ 7.96€ 7.56

Longer Leads

Leads can be extended on cables both with and without connector. The soldering joints are insulated with a UL-approved heat-shrink tubing.

Longer leads€ 35.90€ 25.13€ 21.54€ 17.95€ 14.36€ 13.64
Longer leads + connector€ 39.90€ 27.93€ 23.94€ 19.95€ 15.96€ 15.16

Protective Hose over Leads

Black, UL-approved protective tubing is available in various diameters for protection against mechanical damage.

Connector€ 5.90€ 4.13€ 3.54€ 2.95€ 2.36€ 2.24

JST Connector Assembly

Depending on the wire cross-section, Nanotec also fabricates JST connectors of the JST-PH, JST-XH and JST-VH series on motors.

Connector€ 19.90€ 13.93€ 11.94€ 9.95€ 7.96€ 7.56
Connector typeFor AWG size

Custom Modifications

The following cable and connector assemblies are possible only upon consultation with our sales department. Please direct your query together with a detailed drawing to [email protected].

Connector Assembly

We offer a number of connectors for our motors, including – among others – Sub-D9/15 or high-density connectors. High-pole connectors as well as locking solutions with leading and lagging contacts are possible in series.

Lead Bundles

The standard cable binders for cable bundling offered by Nanotec have a service temperature of +105°C and satisfy regulation UL-94V-2 with respect to flammability.

Twisted Pairs

To minimize coupling or interference, motor and rotary encoder lines can also be twisted in pairs.

Protective Hose over Leads

Protective tubing is available in various diameters and versions for protection against mechanical damage. Spiral protective tubing or metal protective tubing is also available.

Shielding / Shielding Hose

For increased EMC protection, the motor cables can be provided with a shield braid. The Nanotec motors in protection class IP65 are already provided with a cable gland with EMC protection.

Additional EMC Measures

Nanotec offers suitable cable assemblies for grounding motors or electronics. If the required values cannot be reached in a given frequency band, ferrites appropriately dimensioned for the application can be integrated in the cable.


Oil- and chemical-resistant cable markings are available in a range of colors and sizes and are affixed by Nanotec at the desired position.


In addition to the usual smudge-proof markings, Nanotec offers motor markings or labels that ensure unambiguous product traceability.

Extension Cables

You can find suitable  extension cables  for our motors with JST connector in our shop.

2D Code

In addition to the customized article number, the serial number, the batch and charge number as well as a barcode, a 2D code or a QR code can be affixed to the motor.

Integrated Connector

The stepper motors of the SC series (SCA2018SC2818, SC3518, SC4118, SC6018) are equipped with an integrated connector that enables customized cable assembly.

Other cable cross section

In addition to the typical single leads from 0.08 mm² – 4 mm² (VDE, UL/CSA), Nanotec offers both high-temperature-resistant leads as well as multi-core cables (shielded and unshielded) with corresponding tubing as an option.

Front-Side Lead Exit

On request, we also supply motors with front- or rear-side cable exits to simplify integration in existing device architectures.

Lead Color Variations

Variations in lead colors can also be ordered for customized color coding.

Sealed Bushing

Nanotec offers angled cable exits, PG cable glands or M12, M16 and M17 connectors for protecting cable exits.

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