PD4-EB EtherCAT Online Manual

60A9h SI Unit Velocity

Object description

Index 60A9h
Object name SI Unit Velocity
Object Code VARIABLE
Data type UNSIGNED32
Savable yes, category: application
Access read / write
PDO mapping no
Allowed values
Preset value
  • PD4-E591L42-E-65-1: 00B44700h
  • PD4-E601L42-E-65-1: 00B44700h
  • PD4-EB59CD-E-65-1: 00B44700h
  • PD4-EB60SD-E-65-1: 00B44700h
  • PD4-E591L42-EB-65-1: 00B44700h
  • PD4-EB59CD-EB-65-1: 00B44700h
  • PxA56S-E-1-xxBN-xxx: FA010300h
  • PxA56S-E-1-xxCA-xxx: FA010300h
  • PxA56S-E-1-xxGA-xxx: FA010300h
  • PxA56S-E-1-xxKE-xxx: FA010300h
Firmware version FIR-v1738-B501312
Change history


Object 60A9h contains:

  • Bits 8 to 15: The time unit (see chapter Units)
  • Bits 16 to 23: The position unit (see chapter Units)
  • Bits 24 to 31: The exponent of a power of ten (see chapter Units)
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