Slotless BLDC Motors New in Nanotec's Product Range

Feldkirchen, December 2012 – The slotless BLDC motors are new in Nanotec Electronic's product range. Two models in the sizes 16mm and 28mm, which the drive solution provider presented to the public for the first time at the SPS trade fair, will be available initially. Slotless BLDC motors are ideal for high-speed applications. The term "slotted" refers to the fact that the majority of BLDC motors have pole shoes/grooves that are called the iron core inside the winding on the inside of the stator. In contrast to this, a slotless or iron-free BLDC motor has only ring-shaped plates as the stator. A flat, glued or cast winding is attached to these. Nanotec's new slotless BLDC motors offer higher speeds as compared to standard BLDC motors. Since there is no iron core, the inductance of the motor is very low and the current increases very quickly in the windings. In addition, there are no iron losses, the motors are more efficient. During slow operation, the lack of torque ripple has a positive effect. Unlike standard BLDC motors, the magnetic field is not reinforced at the pole shoes and there is no detent torque. The motor also turns very evenly at slow speeds. The DS16 slotless BLDC motor offers a power output of 24 W at 25,000 rpm, the speed of the DS28 model is 14,000 rpm at 75 W.

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