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The safety brakes from Nanotec have a compact flange design, are low-wear and are equipped with asbestos-free friction linings. Because of the fixed air gap, they are easy to install. The brakes are electromagnetically released and can be used anywhere where moving masses are to be slowed in a very short time or maintained in a defined state and the brake torque generated must be available – even in the case of power outage.
The braking force is applied by a compression spring (BW brake) or a permanent magnet (BKE brake). With all brakes, a voltage of 24VDC has to be applied during release. Integrated brakes with a plug connection allow operation in harsh environments (IP54) and ensure fast and error-free wiring.
The Nano brake module (PWM controller) reduces the power and heat losses of the brake by 35%, enables a longer stopping and activation time of the motor and eliminates the external anti-surge diode.

Series Holding Torque Supply Voltage
BKE 40 - 200 24
BWA 25 - 150 24

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