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CL3-E Motor Controller

  • for Stepper or BLCD motors
  • Open Loop, Closed Loop or sensorless
  • 12-24 V, 3 or 6 A (max. operating voltage)
  • configurable via USB, CANopen, RS232, RS485
  • NanoJeasy V2.0 for stand-alone applications

Product Details

C5 - Open-Loop Stepper Motor Controller

  • 12-48 V/6 A (effective)
  • 6 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs, 3 digital outputs 
  • configurable via USB
  • NanoJeasy V2.0 for stand-alone applications

Product Details

N5 Controller with Field Bus Capability

  • Autonomous stand-alone sequence control with  
  • Network capable (Ethernet)
  • Ideal for highly dynamic multi-axis applications

Product Details

Motor Controllers

The new high-performance motor controllers with integrated final output stage from Nanotec unify the latest technology in the smallest possible space with an extremely competitive price.
All SMCI motor controllers can be quickly and easily parameterized with the NanoPro software, which is available free of charge. The ramp generator is integrated in the motor controller hardware and, in addition to trapezoidal and sinusoidal ramps, makes it possible to set the acceleration ramp and braking ramp separately. Using optionally available encoders, the stepper motor can be operated with these motor controllers in a closed loop, like a brushless DC motor.

Series Current Max. Operating Voltage Interface Suitable for
SMC11 1.4 35 Clock/Direction Only Stepper Motors
SMCI12 1.8 24 RS485, CANopen Stepper Motors
SMCP33 2 48 RS485 Stepper Motors, BLDC Motors
SMCI33 2 48 RS485, USB Stepper Motors
SMCI35 4 48 RS232 (3.3 V) Stepper Motors
SMCI36 2.2 - 6 72 RS485 or CANopen Stepper Motors, BLDC Motors
SMCI47-S 7 48 RS485, CANopen Stepper Motors
N5 10 - 18 48 - 72 EtherCAT, CANopen Stepper Motors, BLDC Motors
C5 New 6 48 USB Stepper Motors
C5-E New 6 - 10 48 CANopen, USB Stepper Motors, BLDC Motors
CL3-E New 3 24 CANopen, Modbus, USB Stepper Motors, BLDC Motors

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