Plug & Drive Studio

A new software is now available for easy setup and programming of Nanotec’s motor controllers: Plug & Drive Studio. The controller can be accessed from a PC via a variety of field buses (CANopen, Ethernet, Modbus).

For setup, the object directory holding the controller configuration can be read and written via a table. Pre-defined filters enable the user to only display the parts of CiA 402 objects that pertain to a certain task, such as setup or a certain operating mode, i.e. the speed. Experienced users can configure the objects via an integrated command line. The entire communication can be recorded and played back later so that lengthy command sequences only need to be entered once during setup.

To tune the controller parameters, an integrated oscilloscope displays up to eight objects simultaneously with a resolution of up to one millisecond. Recording can be controlled by freely configurable start and stop triggers that define conditions for the displayed objects, such as the reaching of a certain position or the activation of a digital input. Oscilloscope settings that contain required objects such as following errors, target positions and actual positions are predefined for a standard tuning. These settings can be adjusted at any time.

To program the controller with NanoJ V2, an integrated development environment is available that consists of a source text editor with automatic code completion, a compiler and a debugger. The debugger allows programmers to set up four breakpoints in the program at which values of variables can be read out. Because all of the Plug & Drive Studio functions can be used simultaneously, controller behavior can be examined during program execution using the object directory and oscilloscope. As a result, customer-specific functions can be easily and quickly programmed.


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