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Application Notes

This page contains detailed functional descriptions and programming examples for LabVIEW, .DLL, ASCII, S7 and our parameterization software NanoPro, NanoJEasy and NanoCAN.


Closed Loop, Field-Oriented Control

Closed loop field-oriented control is a method of running stepper motors much like a servo motor, i.e. smoothly, with low resonance and position-controlled.

NanoJEasy V2.0

Programming example for our new motor controller generation (N5 and PD4-C)

Sensorless control of stepper motors

Closed-loop stepper motors as an alternative to BLDC motors.

Application Notes

LabVIEW Example

LabVIEW is a widespread application. We make drivers available for use with LabVIEW.

Siemens S7

All Nanotec motor controllers and Plug & Drive motors can be controlled with a Siemens PLC.

NanoJEasy V1.0

Here you can find simple add-on programs for SMCI motor controllers and Plug & Drive motors.

COM interface (VB, C#, C++)

Here you can find further add-on programs for SMCI motor controllers and Plug & Drive motors.

Configuration files

for clock direction and analog mode for PD4-C and C5

Setting up Nanotec Drives as NC axis in TwinCAT via CANopen

PDx-C, C5-E, CL3-E and N5 CANopen Controllers

Application Examples

Lüllau Engineering

Lüllau Engineering relies on high-precision stepper motor technology for the skintrek® PT5 phototherapy device

Joke mini-BagBoy

Joke with the mini-BagBoy now without a servo motor and pneumatic system


Automation of an index punching machine with NanoJ

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