CL4-E CANopen/USB/Modbus RTU Online Manual

6080h Max Motor Speed

Object description

Index 6080h
Object name Max Motor Speed
Object Code VARIABLE
Data type UNSIGNED32
Savable yes, category: drive
Access read / write
PDO mapping RX-PDO
Allowed values
Preset value 00007530h
Firmware version FIR-v1426
Change history

Firmware version FIR-v1614: "Savable" entry changed from "yes, category: application" to "yes, category: tuning".

Firmware version FIR-v1738-B501312: "Object Name" entry changed from "Maximum Speed" to "Max Motor Speed".

Firmware version FIR-v1738-B501312: "PDO mapping" table entry for subindex 00 changed from "no" to "RX-PDO".

Firmware version FIR-v1748-B538662: "Savable" entry changed from "yes, category: tuning" to "yes, category: drive".

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