CL4-E CANopen/USB/Modbus RTU Online Manual

Electrical properties and technical data


Description / value

Operating voltage 12 …58 V DC
Voltage range for logic supply 12 …30 V DC
Rated current

CL4-E-1-xx, low current: 3 Arms

CL4-E-2-xx, high current: 6 Arms

Peak current

CL4-E-1-xx, low current: 6 Arms for 5 seconds

CL4-E-2-xx, high current: 18 Arms for 5 seconds

Commutation Stepper motor – open loop, stepper motor – closed loop with encoder, BLDC motor – closed loop with Hall sensor, and BLDC motor – closed loop with encoder
Operating modes Profile Position Mode, Profile Velocity Mode, Profile Torque Mode, Velocity Mode, Homing Mode, Interpolated Position Mode, Cyclic Sync Position Mode, Cyclic Sync Velocity Mode, Cyclic Synchronous Torque Mode, Clock-Direction Mode
Set value setting / programming Clock-direction, analog, NanoJ program
Interfaces CANopen, RS-485 (Modbus RTU), USB (configuration interface)
  • 4 digital inputs:
    • 24 V for the variants with article numbers CL4-E-1-12 and CL4-E-2-12
    • 5 V for the variants with article numbers CL4-E-1-12-5VDI and CL4-E-2-12-5VDI
  • 1 analog input, 10-bit resolution, 0-10 V
Outputs 2 digital outputs, positive switching (typical output voltage corresponds to the connected logic supply − 0.6 V)
Protection circuit

Overvoltage and undervoltage protection

Overtemperature protection (> 75° Celsius on the power board)

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