Attachment parts

Pre-mounted pinions, worm gears or pulleys are available in numerous versions. They can only be ordered in larger quantities and have a lead time of several weeks. 

For further information, please contact our sales department with a detailed technical inquiry: [email protected]




Toothed wheel/pinions

Pinions made of steel, aluminum or plastic can be mounted in various versions directly on the shaft. The motors can thereby be used as direct drives for gearboxes or rack and pinion drives.  

Worm gear

Motors equipped with a worm gear can be installed at a 90° angle to the load and offer large reduction ratios and compact size. Worm gears are available in various sizes, materials, tooth types as well as with or without hub.

Please note:
The axial forces in worm gears must be supported with the roller bearings of the motor.

Bevel gear

Motors equipped with a bevel gear can be installed at a 90° angle to the load and offer large reduction ratios and compact size. Bevel gears are available in various materials and versions.

Wire cord pulley

Wire cords and cables can be used for redirection, allowing the motor to be placed at any position.

Track, friction and drive roller

Shafts equipped with track and drive rollers are used above all in transport systems.


Pulleys for round belts or V-belts are used mainly for driving light- to medium-weight objects. Pulleys for toothed (synchronous) belts can be used, for among other purposes, precise positioning.

Adjustment element

Handwheels, knobs, knurled knobs, star and cross handle grips as well as adjusting screws can be mounted on the rear motor shaft (B shaft) for manual and adjustment settings.

Timing disk

Timing and slotted disks are available in various materials.

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