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Nanotec offers the additional cable - and connector modification starting from 1pc off:
Please use the form to define your modification. In the form you can also find the prices based on lot sizes.

Please also note that all other cable and/or  connector modifications are only possible after contacting our sales. We may have MOQ on some types of connectors. Please send your detailed specification to sales@nanotec.de

Shorter Leads

Shorter leads/lines generate the lowest interference sources, ground loop currents, signal reflexion, power dissipation and also the smallest amount of wiring required. Even in small quantities and without connector, the cutting to length of the standard lead length constitutes no great additional expense. At greater quantities, this barely costs any more than the standard version even incl. connector.

Shorter Leads17,70 €15,93 €11,51 €8,85 €5,31 €3,98 €
Shorter Leads + Connector19,90 €17,91 €12,94 €9,95 €5,97 €4,98 €

Longer Leads

Longer leads are used when the control cannot be installed close to the motor for reasons of space, an additional connector system, and related additional sources of error, ought to be avoided and the installation and component expense should be reduced. Longer cables are mostly delivered with heat shrink sleeving that is often also equipped with cable ties. In small quantities, the leads are extended by solder joints and insulated with UL approved heat shrink sleeving. In larger quantities, a lead extension makes no difference in price to a standard motor.

Longer Leads35,90 €32,31 €23,34 €17,95€10,77€8,98 €
Longer Leads + Connector39,90 €35,91 €25,94 €19,95 €11,97 €9,98 €
Protective Tubing

The UL-approved protective hoses deployed as standard, which are often fitted with additional tie wraps, are available in different diameters. Spiral protective hose or metal protective hose are also optionally available.
They protect the stepper motor lines in the machines and devices against mechanical damage.

Protective Tubing5,90 €4,90 €4,50 €3,90 €2,90 €2,50 €
JST Plug Machining

Depending on the AWG of your motor you can choose between the following JST - connector series: JST-PH, JST-XH and JST-VH.

Small quantities will be done by our specialists with hand crimping tools in-house, larger quantities are machine-made and tested directly in our factory.

Connectors19,90 €17,91 €12,94 €9,95 €5,97 €4,98 €
Connector Typefor AWG-Size



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