Standard Machining

Nanotec offers the additional cable - and connector modification starting from 1pc off: Please use the form to define your modification. In the form you can also find the prices based on lot sizes.

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Please also note that all other cable and/or  connector modifications are only possible after contacting our sales. We may have MOQ on some types of connectors. Please send your detailed specification to [email protected]

Shorter Leads

Shorter leads/lines generate the lowest interference sources, ground loop currents, signal reflexion, power dissipation and also the smallest amount of wiring required. Even in small quantities and without connector, the cutting to length of the standard lead length constitutes no great additional expense. At greater quantities, this barely costs any more than the standard version even incl. connector.

Shorter Leads17,70 €15,93 €15,98 €11,51 €8,58 €3,98 €
Shorter Leads + Connector19,90 €17,91 €12,94 €9,95 €5,97 €4,98 €

Longer Leads

Longer leads are used when the control cannot be installed close to the motor for reasons of space, an additional connector system, and related additional sources of error, ought to be avoided and the installation and component expense should be reduced. Longer cables are mostly delivered with heat shrink sleeving that is often also equipped with cable ties. In small quantities, the leads are extended by solder joints and insulated with UL approved heat shrink sleeving. In larger quantities, a lead extension makes no difference in price to a standard motor.

Longer Leads35,90 €32,31 €23,34 €17,95 €10,77 €8,98 €
Longer Leads + Connector39,90 €35,91 €25,94 €19,95 €11,97 €9,98 €

Protective Hose over Leads

The UL-approved protective hoses deployed as standard, which are often fitted with additional tie wraps, are available in different diameters. Spiral protective hose or metal protective hose are also optionally available.
They protect the stepper motor lines in the machines and devices against mechanical damage.

Connector5,90 €4,90 €4,50 €3,90 €2,90 €2,50 €

JST Plug Machining

Depending on the AWG of your motor you can choose between the following JST - connector series: JST-PH, JST-XH and JST-VH.

Small quantities will be done by our specialists with hand crimping tools in-house, larger quantities are machine-made and tested directly in our factory.

Connector19,90 €17,91 €12,94 €9,95 €5,97 €4,98 €
Connector Typefor AWG Size



Costum-Made Design

In the area of electrical customization, the flexible and extensive cable assembly service (for small and large series from the simple cable with crimp connector up to multi-wire electrical cable with multiconnectors) offers rapid motor installation.
Please use this form for ordering custom cable assemblies.

Connector Assembly

The large selection of standard crimping tools (suitable for crimp machine with crimp force monitoring of the connector mentioned below) enables our customers fast, flexible, reliable and cost effective connector or connection sleeve production even in small quantities. For small quantities, other connectors that use crimping technology or insulation piercing connecting technology or insulated or uninsulated connection sleeves as multiple bag or single bag products, spade terminals, cable lugs can be crimped by hand or we can create appropriate crimping tools.

In addition to the highly flexible E-Cu round strand with a number of single wires to 0.05 mm², our motors can also be manufactured in somewhat greater quantities with ribbon cables with different numbers of wires as well as with a wide variety of connectors such as Sub-D9/15 (also with turned contacts for higher contact loads or high density connectors). It is also possible to use high pole connectors with different insertion and withdrawal forces. Also lockings and with leading and lagging contacts can easily be produced in series.

Special Lead Bundlings

Special lead bundling, which frequently also integrates the ground conductor of the motor via tie wraps, facilitate the wiring, the cable routing in wiring harnesses and cable ducts as well as safe and easy mounting. The standard tie wraps have a usage temperature of + 105 °C and a flammability according to UL-94V-2. In addition, if limit switches or other electrical assemblies are arranged in the vicinity of the motor, these are often also laid in the same wiring harness to ensure fast and easy device installation.

Twisted Pairs

Twisted pairs represent the most frequent bundling of motor and encoder lines. Basically, electrical currents create electromagnetic fields where electrical noise as well as capacitive and inductive couplings arise on wires or cables that are laid parallel and close to one another. The twisting of the two wires, thus, causes the surrounding fields to exhibit opposing polarities and these fields then cancel each other out. The electrical noise created in each pair of wires and the reciprocal couplings or faults are minimized as a result.

Protective Hose over Leads

The UL-approved protective hoses deployed as standard, which are often fitted with additional tie wraps, are available in different diameters. Spiral protective hose or metal protective hose are also optionally available.
They protect the stepper motor lines in the machines and devices against mechanical damage.

Shielding / Shielding Hose

Due to a continuous increase in the powers and frequencies to be switched, the performance of the components and assemblies in their “electromagnetic environment" is always more difficult - also cables must be laid ever more closely - so that the probability for mutual interference increases.
To cope with this development, Nanotec offers a wide variety of different shielding measures. The shielding effect is heavily dependent on the shielding material as well as the shielding construction (optical shield).
Due to the field occurring in the outer space as well as in the inner cable space, a current is created in this shield that, ideally, has no effect on the signal in the cable and, at the same time, should not allow any fields to pass from the inside to the outside.
The braided shield should usually be laid on both sides with a large contact area on the ground potential so that any compensating currents that occur can simply drain away and no big differences in potential or interfering fields are formed. The Nanotec motors in IP54 already include a screw-type cable bushing with optimum EMC protection.

Additional EMC Measures

In addition to the cable shielding mentioned in the previous entry, components such as motor or electronics should also be appropriately grounded. Nanotec offers extensive ready-made cables with matching cable lugs in different sizes for this purpose.


Connector marking is used to advantage where a greater number of stepper motors or BLDC motors are supplied by only one printed circuit board to enable faultless as well as simple and fast wiring...
Cable markings or connector labels are also advisable even when the motors are deployed at barely visible locations and the service personnel have to quickly identify a unique motor allocation. The oil and chemical resistant cable markings can be affixed in the most varied colors and sizes at the specified location.


In addition to the usual permanent markings, Nanotec offers different motor markings or labels that ensure unique product traceability.
Certain motor sizes and special customer-specific versions with add-on superstructural parts often also require special packagings. These are agreed with the customer in terms of drop safety, design, bulk packaging, the customer item number, the relevant placement and type size as well as the mode of shipment: hauliers, UPS, DHL etc.

Extension Cable

For our Motors with JST Plug we offer additional extension cables.


As well as the customer-specific part number, the serial number, the batch and charge number as well as a barcode or, better, the 2D code, can also be affixed on the motor.

Integrated Connector

Where there are several motors in one device, the integrated connector version of SC stepper motors (NEMA 17 und NEMA 23) brings advantages with regard to different cable lengths from the stepper motor to the final output stage or common control board. (For exact connector type, see datasheet of the respective stepper motor.) Ready-made connectors are also offered in different lengths for these motor series ex warehouse.

Other cable cross section

Smaller or larger cable cross sections or thinner or thicker highly flexible E-Cu connection leads are used if the customer prefers a standardized connector system and the connectors are not available in the standard lead thickness (AWG). In addition to the customary single-core leads from 0.08 mm² - 4 mm² (VDE, UL/CSA), highly temperature resistant leads as well as multi-core cables (shielded and unshielded) with corresponding hoses are also optionally offered.

Front-Side Lead Exit

Where space conditions are greatly restricted, inaccessible or with laborious or complicated external line connections or even, however, with certain design standards, some applications do not permit a standard 90° line output. For more than 15 years, Nanotec has supported its customers either with cable outlets on the front or also on the back so that the motors can be implemented more easily and optimally in the devices or even to enable a more sophisticated design.

Lead Color Variations

Compared to the standard colors, variations in lead colors are used in preference if the motor supplier is changed or standardized color coding in order to carry out easy motor replacement.

Sealed Bushing

Nanotec offers cable bushings, bend reliefs, PG screws or M12, M16 and M17 connectors for BLDC and stepper motors. Sealed bushings provide better mechanical protection and make it possible to reach up to protection class IP65.