ZK-USB-CAN-1 –  Converter from USB to CANopen

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Please note:
This converter is currently only supported by our software library NanoLib and not by other applications, such as the Plug & Drive Studio 1 & 2. Because the converter operates with a simple ASCII command structure, it can also be integrated in existing applications without using NanoLib.

The converter from USB to CANopen is suitable for all motor controllers/drives of the Cx and Nx series as well as the motors of the PDx-Cx and PDx-Ex series with a CANopen fieldbus interface. The converter is electrically isolated to prevent damage to the converter or the connected devices through potential differences.

The CANopen interface can be connected via an RJ45 connector or a plug-in terminal. The converter also includes a switchable termination resistor.

The software library NanoLib assists you in developing your own applications with the USB-CAN converter and Nanotec’s motor controllers.

Technical Data

  • CAN interface CAN High-Speed 
  • PC to adapter cable USB Type A to USB type B (included) 
  • Suitable for PD2-C/CB…-08, PD4-E/EB-…-2, PD6-C/CB, PD4-C/CB-…-08, N5-...-2, C5-E-...-09, CL3-E, CL4-E, NP5-08 
  • CAN baudrates 10 kBit/s ... 1 Mbit/s 
  • Temperature Range -10 °C - 70 °C
  • Type Converter from USB to CANopen 


Creation in progress ...
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