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NanoJ Easy

Using the Java-based programming language NanoJ Easy, complete sequential control programs can be stored. The programming manual gives a short introduction.

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The NanoCAN software for CANopen lets you comfortably transmit initial settings like the baud rate, SDO and PDO parameters, etc. NanoCAN is a useful tool for testing, troubleshooting or firmware updates. NanoJ Easy is a small but very useful tool to implement some PLC functions into our devices (only with serial communication). It`s based on the Java- programming language. The program runs in the background parallel to the...
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The customer in question controlled the precision feed control of the punching knife in an index punching machine with an SMCI47-S-2 and Nanopro. This solution was to be automated in such a way that a PLC integrated in the line could move to the individual punching positions. The teach-in for a new order continued to be carried out on a laptop. However, the function of the inputs and outputs was programmed in the SMCI47-S with NanoJ so that the...
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