Plug & Drive Studio —  Software for Stepper Motor Controllers/Drives and Motors with Integrated Controller

Plug & Drive Studio

Plug & Drive Studio is a free software for commissioning and programming the Nanotec controllers, and tuning the motor. The software supports products with CAN (IXXAT), serial, Ethernet and USB interfaces. For more information on Plug & Drive Studio, please see our Quick Start Guide or our  Knowledge Base.

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A new software is now available for easy setup and programming of Nanotec's motor controllers:  Plug & Drive Studio. The controller can be accessed from a PC via a variety of fieldbuses (CANopen,  EtherNet/IP, Modbus). For setup, the object dictionary holding the controller configuration can be read and written via a table. Pre-defined filters enable the user to only display the parts of CiA 402 objects that pertain to a certain...
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