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PD2-N41 - Plug & Drive High-Pole DC Servo Motor for RS485/CANopen - NEMA 17

Technical Data

A high-pole DC servo motor (stepper motor) in size 42 (Nema 17) and with a 50-Ncm holding torque. In this integrated Plug & Drive motor, the entire electronics are contained within the housing. In addition to a powerful motor controller, this motor also contains a magnetic single-turn absolute encoder. The field-oriented control (closed loop) enables high positioning accuracy without step loss and with dynamics, energy-efficient operation and low motor heating.

For parameterization, Nanotec provides the free NanoPro (RS485) and NanoCAN (CANopen) Windows software. In a distributed environment, the NanoJ Easy software, which is also free of charge, can be used to developed autonomous application programs that are independent of the master PLC.

Attention: When using laptops connected to the line supply, detach the power cable before connecting the USB cable as there is a 115VAC voltage present from the power supply while the battery is being charged. When the unit is plugged in, the DC current would otherwise run via the USB connection and destroy the motor controller. Repair would no longer be possible.

Operating voltage 12-48 VDC
Max. phase currentAdjustable via software up to 2.7 A (1% increments), 100% = 1.8 A
InterfaceRS485 or CANopen
Operating typeRS485 interface: position, speed, reference run, flag position, clock-direction, analog and joystick, analog position, torque
CANopen interface: profile position, speed, reference run, interpolated position, torque
Operating mode1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/5, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, adaptive microstep, feed constant
Step angle1.8°
Step frequency0 to 50 kHz in clock-direction mode, 0 to 25 kHz in all other modes
EncoderIntegrated magnetic single-turn absolute encoder, 1024 CPR
Inputs6 digital inputs (5–24 V), 1 analog input (+-10 V)
Outputs3 outputs in open drain circuit (0 switching, max. 24 V/0.5 A)
Position monitoringAutomatic error correction up to 0.9°
Current reductionAdjustable in 1% increments
Protective circuitOvervoltage, undervoltage and temperature >80°C, integrated ballast switching
Temperature range -10 to +40°C
Connection typePlug connection with JST connectors
New functionsClosed loop/sinusoidal commutation/dspDrive/programmable as a sequential controller using NanoJ Easy (RS485)


For current software and manual versions please have a look in the archive.

CANopen Reference Manual V2.5 for NanoCAN 2.xxx
NanoCAN for PD...-O41/-N... and SMCI...
NanoCan and NanoJeasy Tutorial
NanoCAN EDS Files for PD...-O41/-N... and SMCI...
NanoCAN User Manual V2.2 for NanoCAN 2.xxx
NanoJ Easy V1.04 all SMCI... and PD...-O41/-N..., except for PD4-C..., N5 and C..., Java based
Programming Manual V2.7 from Firmware 25.01.2013 for NanoJ Easy V1.04
Suppression circuit for overcoupling of 24-V control signals

Depending on the cable type, routing and length, an overcoupling onto the neighboring control line may occur with 24-V control signals. In motor controllers with wide range inputs (5–24V), this can cause a second input that is not activated to be recognized as high. To prevent this without having to change the wiring (which can be an involved process), the following suppression circuit can be provided at each input in use. Inputs that are not required can be connected directly to the motor controller ground.


Switching of a load or PLC via the outputs of the motor controller/Plug & Drive motor

The motor controllers and Plug & Drive motors have open collector outputs. To switch a load or PLC, you require a relay according to this circuit diagram. The flyback diode is required. Please note the maximum switching current or the maximum voltage of the selected motor controller. You can find this information in the respective manual.

SMCI35: A load/PLC cannot be connected with this motor controller.

The firmware update failed – no more communication

If communication is no longer possible with the motor controller or the motor after a failed firmware update, the firmware can be uploaded manually.

Firmware update for downloading: Firmwareupdate.zip

Please click on the respective product in the list below to download datasheets.

Further Product Information
Plug & Drive motors

For customer specific shaft and cable modifications please see custom specific solutions and further product information on our FAQ site. You can access the switch mode power supply here.

Type Description PDF Price Basket
ZK-PD2N Connection cable RS485 € 29,80
ZK-PD2N-3 Connection cable CANopen € 29,80
Z-K4700/50 Charging Capacitor € 4,10
ZK-RS485-USB Converter € 68,70
Type Holding Torque Weight Length "A" Options Price Basket Configuration
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50 0,42 74.5
€ 250,20

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For this article the following accessories are available:

Type Description PDF Price Basket
ZK-PD2N Connection cable RS485 € 29,80
ZK-PD2N-3 Connection cable CANopen € 29,80
Z-K4700/50 Charging Capacitor € 4,10
ZK-RS485-USB Converter € 68,70
Data Sheets/3D Data PD2-N4118L1804-2


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  • 1-4: € 250,20
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