N5-2-3 –  Motor controller for EtherNet/IP

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Under „Downloads“ you will find the technical manual that corresponds with the stock firmware. Please refer to the new technical manual and the document “Instructions for Firmware Update to Version FIR-v2039” when using Plug & Drive Studio 2.

Technical Data

  • Interface EtherNet/IP 
  • Rated Current (RMS) 18 A
  • Matching Motors Brushless DC motors, Stepper Motors 
  • Type of Digital Inputs 5/24 V switchable or 5 - 24 V 
  • Type of Analog Input -10 - +10 V / 0 - 20 mA switchable 
  • Type of Digital Output open-drain (max. 24 V/500 mA) 
  • Encoder Signal Type incremental 
  • Weight
  • Operating Voltage 12 VDC - 48 VDC
  • Peak Current (RMS) 40 A
  • Number of Digital Inputs
  • Number of Analog Inputs
  • Number of Digital Outputs
  • Encoder Input  
  • Brake Output  
  • Temperature Range -10 °C - 40 °C


N5-x-3 EtherNet/IP
Creation in progress ...

Knowledge Base

Our video shows how stepper motors are operated in closed loop mode with sensorless control and no encoder.  We recommend our motor controllers  C5  and  CL3 for our sensorless operation.
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Closed-loop stepper motors as an alternative to BLDC motors Stepper motor technology was long considered to be a cost-effective alternative to applications that do not demand the high performance delivered by servo motors. Due to their attractive production price and comparatively high torque-to-size ratio, they continued to be used in device engineering. For auxiliary axes in mechanical engineering, however, servo systems began to be given...
More details
EtherNet/IP (EtherNet Industrial Protocol) is a real-time Ethernet protocol that is used widely in automation technology. It was developed as an open standard by Allen-Bradley and is now managed by the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA). EtherNet/IP utilizes the basic technology of Ethernet-TCP/IP and the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) as an application protocol. Compared to other networks, one of the greatest advantages of EtherNet/IP...
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EB-BRAKE-48V Brake module € 15,30
ZK-PADP-12-500-S Encoder cable controller, 0.5m € 9,20
ZK-M12-8-2M-2-PADP Encoder cable angled, 2m € 29,30
ZK-M12-12-2M-2-PADP Encoder cable angled, 2m € 35,40
ZK-MCM-12-500-S-JPAD Encoder cable NME2/3 0.5m € 15,70
ZK-MCM-12-2,0-S-JPAD Encoder cable NME2/3 2.0m € 21,00
ZK-NOE-10-500-S-PADP Encoder cable NOE, 0.5m € 8,80
ZK-NTO3-10-1000-PADP Encoder cable NTO3, 1m € 18,90
ZK-NTO3-10-500-PADP Encoder cable NTO3, 0.5m € 17,40
ZK-WEDL-500-S-PADP Encoder cable WEDL, 0.5m € 8,40
ZCWE-RM5-6  * 6-pin terminal connector € 4,70
Z-K4700/50 Capacitor € 4,30
Z-K10000/100 Capacitor € 20,50
ZCPHOFK-MC0,5-12  * Connector € 9,40
ZCPHOFK-MC0,5-2  * Connector € 2,30
ZCWE-RM5-3  * Connector € 3,50
* Included for N5-2-3.
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