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C5 - Motor Controller for Stepper Motors with Open-Loop ControlNew

Technical Data

Motor controller C5 was specially designed for the open loop control of stepper motors sized Nema 17 to Nema 34 and can be quickly and easily configured and programmed via USB.

It can be operated via clock-direction mode or through specification of the speed or position via the analog input. In addition, it supports application programs that are directly executed in the motor controller. Programs created in the C++ based programming language NanoJ are executed in the motor controller as machine code. They are synchronized with the digital inputs and outputs via the real-time operating system in 1-ms cycles.

  • Controller for open loop stepper motor 12–48 V/6 A (effective)
  • 6 digital inputs, 1 analog input, 2 digital outputs configurable via USB
  • NanoJ V2 for standalone applications
Operating voltage12–48 VDC, +/- 5%
Peak current (RMS)6 A
Operating modesSpeed, position, homing
Target value specification/programmingClock direction/analog/NanoJ
Digital inputs3 digital inputs, 24 V
3 digital inputs, switchable 5/24 V, single-ended (inverted inputs are not used) or differential
Analog inputs1 analog input, switchable 0–10 V/0–20 mA
Digital outputs2 digital outputs, open drain, 24 V/100 mA
DIP switch1 DIP switch with 4 pins
LED statusTwo colors, red/green
Size88 x 56 x 22 mm
Protective circuitOvertemperature, overvoltage (ballast switching), protection against polarity reversal (fuse required in supply cable)


For current software and manual versions please have a look in the archive.

NanoJ Easy V2.05 for PD2-C/CB, PD4-C/CB..., N5 and C..., C based
Plug & Drive Studio
Plug & Drive Studio 0.10 Release Package for C5-01, C5-E-x-09, CL3-E-x-0F, N5-x-1, N5-x-2, NP5-08, PD2-Cx-E-01, PD2-Cx-E-08, PD4-Cx-E-01, PD4-Cx-E-08,...
Plug & Drive Studio: Quick Start Guide

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