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AS8918 with Encoder and optional Brake

  • New stepper motor (86mm/Nema 34) in IP 65
  • 5.9 or 9.3 Nm holding torque
  • 24 V encoder with 4000 cycles/revolution
  • Optionally with holding brake

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IP Stepper Motors

Nanotec IP stepper motors (protection class IP65 – except for the shaft outlet) are designed for harsh environments and have high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The models are electrically and mechanically interchangeable with standard motors.
The motors are optionally available with an integrated encoder as well as with an integrated safety brake.


  • Models –E/-EB: optical 3-channel encoder with 500 CPR, line driver, 5-V signal
  • Models –AS89...-E/-EB: optical 3-channel encoder with 4000 CPR, line driver, 24-V signal
  • Models –ENM24/ENM24B: magnetic 3-channel with 1024 CPR, line driver, 24-V signal

Pre-assembled cables permit rapid and error-free wiring and installation.

Series Size NEMA Holding Torque Options
AS2818 28 11 7.1 - 12.7
AS4118 42 17 50 Encoder/Brake
AS5918 56 23 99 - 187 Encoder/Brake
AS8918 86 34 933 Encoder/Brake
AP8918 86 34 594 - 933 Encoder

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