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SMC11 - Compact Microstep Controller

Technical Data

The extremely compact SMC11 microstep controller is a very simple and economical solution for controlling stepper motors to a phase current of 1.4A. With two corresponding boreholes, the printed circuit board with dimensions of only 36 x 36mm is prepared to be directly mounted on the rear side of a motor of the ST4118 or ST4209 series. The B-version with 2 shaft ends is required for this as the boreholes only exist in this version. The B shaft must then be cut to length. If you have any questions, please contact our Technical Hotline.

Please note that not every Nanotec stepper motor or linear actuator is PIN compatible to the motor socket on the SMC11.

Operating voltage12-35 VDC
Max. phase current1.0 A/full step (1.25 A with cooling block), 1.4 A/microstep (1.8 A with cooling block)
Current settingVia potentiometer
Operating typeBipolar
Operating mode1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 (preset)
Protection functionOvercurrent, overvoltage and over-temperature
Step frequency0 to 200 kHz
Current reductionSwitchable to 40%
Input signals0 V active (L<0.8 V; 3.5 V < H < 6 V or open)
Temperature range0 to + 40°C
ConnectorJST connector
Weight10 g
Fastening type2 boreholes of Ø19.05 mm for M2.5 – mounted directly on the stepper motor


Suppression circuit for overcoupling of 24-V control signals

Depending on the cable type, routing and length, an overcoupling onto the neighboring control line may occur with 24-V control signals. In motor controllers with wide range inputs (5–24V), this can cause a second input that is not activated to be recognized as high. To prevent this without having to change the wiring (which can be an involved process), the following suppression circuit can be provided at each input in use. Inputs that are not required can be connected directly to the motor controller ground.


Switching of a load or PLC via the outputs of the motor controller/Plug & Drive motor

The motor controllers and Plug & Drive motors have open collector outputs. To switch a load or PLC, you require a relay according to this circuit diagram. The flyback diode is required. Please note the maximum switching current or the maximum voltage of the selected motor controller. You can find this information in the respective manual.

SMCI35: A load/PLC cannot be connected with this motor controller.

The firmware update failed – no more communication

If communication is no longer possible with the motor controller or the motor after a failed firmware update, the firmware can be uploaded manually.

Firmware update for downloading: Firmwareupdate.zip

Please click on the respective product in the list below to download datasheets.

For customer specific shaft and cable modifications please see custom specific solutions and further product information on our FAQ site. You can access the switch mode power supply here.

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ZK-SMC11 Connection cable € 7,40
Z-K4700/50 Charging Capacitor € 4,10
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ZK-SMC11 Connection cable € 7,40
Z-K4700/50 Charging Capacitor € 4,10
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