Nanotec expands its range of high-performance BLDC motors

For applications that require high speeds, Nanotec has developed the DB59 brushless DC motor which covers a performance range from 84 to 220 W. Measuring 56 mm in diameter (NEMA 23), the DB59 is among the most powerful BLDC motors of this size.

The DB59 is available in a variety of lengths, both with and without Hall sensors. As an option, it is also possible to connect a magnetic encoder with a resolution of 0.09° for even more precise speed and position regulation.

The motors are available with a square, NEMA-compatible or round flange. The round flange allows high-torque planetary gearboxes from Nanotec's GPLL-59 series to be fitted, further increasing the motor's torque.
The DB59 series BLDC motors are highly efficient and extremely quiet. Their rated voltage is 24 V and their speed 3,500 rpm. The DB59 is particularly suitable for use in service robotic systems, warehouse logistics and medical pumps.

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