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STF2818: Small ultra flat stepper motor from Nanotec Electronic

The ideal high-speed drive for feeder applications and stirrers

Feldkirchen, July 2013 – A very small, ultra flat stepper motor is now available from Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG. The STF2818 model has a flange dimension of 28 mm and is only 9.4 mm high. The STF2818 is the second ultra flat stepper motor in the product spectrum, in addition to ST6318. Originally, the small stepper motor was developed for feeder applications in the semiconductor industry, where components are supplied on rolls. With a rotor inertia of 1.7 gcm² and a holding torque of 0.98 Ncm, it reaches a considerable speed for its size. In combination with a step angle of 1.8°, the STF2818 is therefore also suitable for many other applications, including installation in a stirrer. The ultra flat stepper motor is optionally available with a flat-sided shaft.