Webinar: 5 steps to the optimum motor-gearbox combination

Do you want to know how you can find the right gearbox for your motor in the shortest possible time? Then we recommend this webinar with many practical tips and calculation examples. Please note that the webinar is held in German. Duration: 45 minutes. 

These five factors play an important role in selecting the right gearbox: 

  1. Required torque
  2. Space requirements
  3. Static requirements
  4. Dynamic requirements
  5. Economic efficiency

Using an application example, we guide you through the selection process step-by-step to help you perfectly match your motor configuration to your application. 

You can also find technical data on the gearboxes from Nanotec on these pages
High-torque planetary gearboxes

Please feel free to filter our lists of motor-gearbox options according to your requirements:
Brushless DC motors with gearbox
Stepper motors with gearbox

If you are looking for a combination of smart servo with integrated controller and gearbox:
Compact brushless DC motors with gearbox
Compact stepper motors combined with gearbox



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