Synchronized Linear Actuators with Encoder and Controller

Check out our new video and learn more about linear actuator synchronization!


  • 16 synchronized axes – without PLC. 
  • Each motor runs an onboard program with an individual profile. 
  • The profiles are started synchronously by controller 1. 
  • The completed tasks will be reported back to controller 1 – communication via CANopen. 

Products used

CL3-E motor controller /drive

  • Controlled by fieldbus 
  • Closed loop with encoder 
  • Fully programmable 
  • 3 A rated current
  • 12 – 24 V operating voltage

LGA28 captive linear actuator

  • Very compact
  • NEMA 11
  • Force 50 – 210 N
  • Resolution up to 0.000125 inch/step
  • Integrated connector

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