NanoJ V2 Example Programs

NanoJ is a programming language that is integrated in the Plug & Drive Studio software.

With this program the velocity mode is selected and the 'state machine' is switched on. The motor automatically starts turning.
12 KB
The enable input is used to start the motor via the input rather than automatically.
14 KB
The analog input can be used to vary the speed.
15 KB
Depending on whether the motor runs at more or less than 200 rpm, the output is connected.
16 KB
Here the clock-direction mode is selected, the "state machine" is switched on and the enable is connected.
14 KB
As above, yet with the additional settings for speed, scaling, filter and dead zone.
20 KB
In this mode, the motor moves between two positions that can be set via the "VMM Input" objects.
17 KB
Following automatic homing, different run profiles are selected via the digital inputs and started.
35 KB
V1 – position mode is selected and started.

V2 – position mode is selected and started; the motor moves to a set position after the trigger signal.

V3 – position mode is selected and started; the motor moves to an analogously set position after the trigger signal.
45 KB


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