ethernet/ip, ethernet ip controller for integrated stepper motor and bldc motor

EtherNet/IP (EtherNet Industrial Protocol) is a real-time Ethernet protocol that is used widely in automation technology. It was developed as an open standard by Allen-Bradley and is now managed by the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA).

EtherNet/IP utilizes the basic technology of Ethernet-TCP/IP and the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) as an application protocol. Compared to other networks, one of the greatest advantages of EtherNet/IP is that it uses standard hardware to connect non-industrial controllers and real-time industrial controllers in a common network infrastructure.

Especially in the US, EtherNet/IP is a commonly used fieldbus in Rockwell and other controllers.

Controllers/Drives with EtherNET/IP

Motors with EtherNET/IP



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