Actuators with more thrust

An improved stator geometry and optimized magnetic materials have resulted in the development of a new line of linear actuators with a significantly higher torque and more thrust.

Flat external rotor motor

The DF20 is a 20mm diameter brushless DC motor with a rated power of 5 W and a rated speed of 5,200 rpm. It comes with two different windings and is equipped with an FPC cable.

Modular wheel drives WD

The new WD wheel drive consists of an extremely short unit of wheel, integrated planetary gearbox and bearing. The wheel is available in a number of diameters and with different mounting flanges.

High-performance motor controller

The CL4-E motor controller is characterized by high performance and compact design. It has a peak power of 1050 W and operates at 58 V. Additional heat sinks are not required.

High-torque gearboxes

Nanotec offers new gearboxes in several versions for applications that require a high torque and high profitability.

BLDC motors with gearbox

Online configuration: with the Product Finder, you can select a gearbox for the brushless DC motors from Nanotec in just three steps.

With Controller and Encoder

For use in harsh environmental conditions, Nanotec developed the PD2-C-IP, a brushless DC servo motor with integrated controller in protection class IP65.

Captive linear actuator

The LGA42 linear actuator is the right choice for applications that require high positioning speed, short positioning time and high thrust and tensile force.

Expandable and flexible

The modular drive and technology platform NATHAN is ideally suited for prototyping autonomous mobile systems.

Fieldbus-Compatible Controller

The NP5 has a PCI Express connector for easy integration into a customer-specific board and controls motors with a rated current of up to 6 A.

About Nanotec

Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG headquartered in Feldkirchen (Munich) is one of the leading manufacturers of motors and controllers for high-quality drive solutions. The company has been developing and marketing a broad range of products since 1991. Nanotec technology is primarily used in automation systems, laboratory automation, medical engineering, the packaging industry and semiconductor production.

In 1996, Nanotec came out with the first Plug & Drive motor with an integrated controller, setting a milestone that would be central to the company's growth. Still today, Nanotec focuses heavily on research and development to create drive solutions that closely meet the needs and requirements of our customers. The R&D department at the headquarters in Feldkirchen develops both the hardware and software required for motor controllers, sensors and customized applications. Innovations for the next generation of our products are created at our research and development center in Pegnitz.

Together with subsidiaries in Changzhou/China, Varna/Bulgaria and Stoneham, MA/USA and more than 20 sales partners, we provide Nanotec drive solutions and expert technical support to customers all over the world.